Steepletone 2 Speed Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth


Luxury 2 speed Record Player with Bluetooth. The Camden is for anyone looking for a high quality record player at a great price. 

The Camden has 2x 15W P.M.P.O speakers giving a quality and clear big sound - perfect for playing your favourite records. 

With added Bluetooth you can play music through any device through the speakers, there is also a Line In on the back to connect it to your HiFi system if you wish! It’s fitted with a quality weighted tone arm, allowing you ton control the weight on your records to your personal taste. The Camden is also fitted with a unique Flip Over Stylus - giving you 2 stylus for the ability to play 45/33 - meaning you won’t have to change your needle do often. 

Finished in a modern walnut wood. 


  • One Steepletone Camden Record Turntable

  • Luxury 2-speed record player

  • Teak wood finish

  • Includes 2 x 15W PMPO speakers

  • Quality, clear sound

  • Wireless Bluetooth to play music from other devices

  • Fitted with Line In socket

  • Flip over stylus

  • Able to play 33, 45, and 78 rpm records

  • Equipped with a ProDeck with strobe