Gohan: Everyday Japanese Cooking


The introduction says it all:

"This book is an ode to the everyday meals that you find in the homes of the mothers and grandmothers of Japan. It is the food that I grew up with, the food that I get nostalgic for and the food I like to make my family when we need nourishment."

Gohan, a beautiful new book from Emiko Davies, feels like a cookery book that you will use forever, or maybe one that has existed forever. The recipes and stories within present Emiko's personal culinary journey and showcase family dishes that take us from pantry staples to Japanese breakfast meals to noodles and street foods.


Emiko walks us through Japanese cookery basics - making your own dashi stock and panko breadcrumbs, and then gently introduces us to mealtime staples - often deceptively simple in the number and manner of ingredients used and the preparation time required.


Inside these pages you'll learn to make your own miso, hand-roll your own sushi, prepare ramen, fry chicken, create your own tempura vegetables and cook wonderful, simple and life-affirming Japanese food. 


Handsomely bound and full of wonderful photographs and illustrations - this is the best cookery book we've seen in a while.