Bedside Companion for Book Lovers


A glorious treasury of literary curiosities for every night of the year.

Bedside Companion for Book Lovers contains an eclectic mix of fact and fiction, letters, diaries, essays and dedications, all suffused with the joys of books and reading. The perfect gift for the bibliophile in your life, it contains snippets from some of the greatest writers and book collectors from throughout history, including:

Charles Dickens on the smell of books
Maya Angelou on the pleasures of reading aloud
Virginia Woolf on finding space for writing
Nick Hornby on reading for pure enjoyment
and much more. Along the way, you’ll find advice on how to look after your most precious volumes, what to do when books start taking over your home, and where to find the most atmospheric libraries and bookshops around the world. Keep this beautifully illustrated book by your bedside and wander into a magical world of books every night of the year.